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Fully understanding the environment in which we will be operating is of paramount importance, especially, when operating within an educational environment. There isn’t a one size fits all solution as each institution differs greatly from one to the next, from Nurseries, to Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Colleges and Universities.

School Cleaning Services in Birmingham

Whether it be Solihull School, where our presence on-site is managed by 4 Location Managers as the 1000 pupils are educated in a whole variety of different buildings. Or Selly Oak Trust School who we have partnered with since 2004, on the outskirts of Birmingham, a school for unique students with specialist requirements, we are able to adapt, and align ourselves with the clients own views and needs, to maximise the pupils learning capabilities. All we clean staff working within educational cleaning contracts are appropriately vetted via the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Services) check so as to protect as far as possible the welfare of children and young adults where we deliver our daily services. Our educational cleaning staff receive specific Duty of Care Training so that they have a comprehensive understanding of the cleaning chemicals and the equipment they will use daily, and are able to operate safely within an environment where they will be mixing with both pupils and teaching staff. Our success in this particular sector was recognised in 2015 when we clean in partnership with Selly Oak Trust School won the National Loo of the Year Award for Washroom Cleaning in the Educational Sector.

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We ensure that cleaning specifications are met and where possible exceeded, and that our service is delivered both safely and efficiently.

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